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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

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a TELEVIC CONFIDEA wireless generation 3rd release.

Published: 02-Jan-2016 Televic Confidea Wireless microphones for sale or rent from Bramshaw. (more information ...)
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Televic Confidea Wireless table-top conference system

3rd Generation Confidea new generation G3
Stop Press: Confidea has released their third generation of Confidea wireless microphones which is in line with the continual improvement that Televic make with their products.  As well as many great changes Televic have strengthened the WiFi channel selection ability for the system, simplified their unique browser front end and increased volume and EQ capabilities in the transponder control.You should upgrade ASAP - if you need help please call us. 1800 507 557.
For more information go to the Televic Confidea 3rd Generation Wireless Conference Systems page.

Multi-Band Wireless Conference System

Televic Confidea® features a powerful combination of technologies, developed by Televic engineers with years of experience in the development of highly reliable conference systems for the most demanding applications.

Televic Confidea® has been developed from the ground-up with reliability and confidentiality in mind. Making use of state-of-the-art multi-band wireless technologies, fault-tolerant error correcting protocols and advanced encryption algorithms, the Televic Confidea® conference system provides the most robust and secure wireless conference system available on the market today.

Excutives Using Confidea Confeerence System Confidea WCAP - Wireless Control Access PointClose up of Confidea Wireless Microphone Controller
Highly reliable - perfectly co-exists with your wireless LAN
Wireless IT is all around us, and if it's not yet there today, it will be soon enough. With the increased use of wireless LAN and Bluetooth equipment, the 2.4 GHz radio band is getting crowded. The last thing you need is that your conference system is influenced by your wireless router or, the other way around, that your IT infrastructure is affected by the use of a wireless conference system.

Confidea Conference System - 3rd Generation ... finding the best WiFi Channel

Having many additional channels available outside the 2.4 GHz, Confidea® offers the perfect solution to reassure your IT people and still have the convenience of a reliable wireless conference system in your meeting room.

Encryption guarantees confidentiality
The built-in advanced encryption algorithm that is based on a 128 bit key, combined with the proprietary communication protocol, guarantees a level of security and confidentiality not seen in any product of its class.Ecryption picture
Controlling the system is like surfing the Web.
The Televic Confidea® Wireless Conference Access Point (WCAP) has a built-in web server that can be accessed from any PC using a standard internet browser.  Via the built-in web pages all basic settings can be controlled. For basic discussion systems, this eliminates the need for specialised, dedicated software and software training.Confidea 3rd Generation ... Web Interface Control

Anyone who can surf the Web can control the system, making Confidea® easy to configure.

Minimise your investment
Basic systems should require basic investment. This is why Televic Confidea® - in its simplest form- requires a minimum of hardware and software. For a basic discussion system with or without voting, the Confidea® Wireless Conference Access Point+ (WCAP+) acts as a mini central unit, controllable from an internet browser and including audio in- and outputs.

Multi-room: the most versatile system around!
With Televic Confidea® working outside the Wi-Fi band and having plenty of channels available, running multiple systems in one building is a piece of cake. Unlike existing Wi-Fi-based systems that are limited to maximum three systems in the building, in the ideal situation that there is no wireless LAN.

The new Televic Confidea® 3rd Generation products also perfectly interconnect with existing wired Televic equipment.  Staying loyal to its product family philosophy, Televic ensured compatibility with its existing systems by design.  In this way, Confidea® is the perfect add-on to a TCS5500 or TCS2500 system for temporary or permanent expansion of the installed system.

For more information go to the Televic Confidea 3rd Generation Wireless Conference Systems page.

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