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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

Rent or purchase state of the art conference communications systems with exceptional support from Bramshaw ICS - Making meetings meet since 1994.

We can supply our products & services to help you comply with the COVID Pandemic social distancing requirements including simultaneous interpretation over ZOOM and TEAMS. Please contact us to discuss your needs in these difficult times.

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08-Feb-2017: Bramshaw ICS Brochure 2017

Bramshaw ICS Conference Communications 2017 Brochure Download Please click on the link below to download a copy of our latest brochure.

Bramshaw ICS General Brochure 2017 Bramshaw ICS General Brochure 2017 (924 KB)

.... read more

02-Jan-2016: a TELEVIC CONFIDEA wireless generation 3rd release.

Televic Confidea Wireless microphones for sale or rent from Bramshaw. (more information ... (/confidea-wireless-conference-system-3rd-generation)) Televic Confidea Wireless table-top conference system Stop Press: Confidea has released their third generation of Confidea wireless microphones which is in line with the continual improvement that Televic make with th.... read more

01-Jan-2016: aa Happy New year from Bramshaw ICS

... to all of our customers - thank you. .... read more

01-Jan-2016: b Avoiding "Death by Power Point"

How to avoid Death by Power Point - thanks to Corbin Ball & Edward Tufte "Power Corrupts - PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely" Edward Tufte AP/Wide World Photos Tufte satirises the totalitarian impact of presentation slideware. Thanks to Corbin Ball & Associates, the following, which is just too good to ignore: Corbin was interviewed in the November 2002 .... read more

01-Dec-2014: b New mics for G20 Finance Ministers Meeting Canberra

Another G20 meeting using our new digital CONFIDEA microphones with built in Voting and Simultaneous Interpretation and parallel Pan Tilt Zoom Camera System. Bramshaw was hired by Treasury to provide our comprehensive push button microphone and camera system in the Great Hall at Parliament House, Canberra. Parliament House Canberra Great Hall aerial view - note chair control screens, 5.... read more

12-Jun-2014: a CHOGM 2011 Perth again ...

Bramshaw provides CHOGM conference communications again (last time was 2002 in Coolum) All microphones and PTZ Cameras for all meetings requiring microphones (250) with and without software queuing. Two weeks and no sleep. Meetings right across Perth. Please go to this link until we add more information... ( read more

12-Jun-2014: ALL NEW IRX infra-red LANGUAGE RECEIVER

All new INFRACOM-IRX® Language Receiver - just style ... Description The IRX Receiver has been designed to receive up to 32 channels within the standard frequency band. The use of a PLL-synthesizer (phase-locked-loop) guarantees high quality transmission and also high operation reliabilty. This generation of INFRACOM-IRX® receivers even allows use under direct solar r.... read more


The Washington Post publishes a yearly contest in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for various words. The following were some winning entries: 1. Coffee (n.), A person who is coughed upon. 2. Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have gained. 3. Abdicate (v.), to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach. 4. E.... read more

12-Jun-2014: BHP BILLITON, the Big Australian, uses DIGIVOTE

DIGIVOTE used to sort and prioritise Management practices at BHP Billiton. ( 2001 - The BHP Billiton Group (BHP Billiton) has announced a record combined attributable profit of US$2,189 million, excluding exceptional items, for the 12 months to 30 June 2001. When the newly merged companies, BHP and Billiton, became one company calle.... read more

12-Jun-2014: Bramshaw & Televic at Integrate Sydney 2013

Come, see, feel, fondle and listen to Confidea wireless mics, Decerno digital mics and the the latest and best for the conference world - uniCOS - all at Sydney. As a valued client of Bramshaw ICS, we'd like to invite you to Integrate 2013, Australasia's largest integrated AV IT and electronic systems industry event. We'll be there from 27 – 29 August 2013 at the Sydney .... read more

12-Jun-2014: Bramshaw NEW ZEALAND office details.

Bramshaw opens office in New Zealand Jan 2001 - Bramshaw opens new office in New Zealand After years of crossing the Tasman on individual job basis we have decided to open an office. The name and address for more details and contact is: BRAMSHAW ICS CONFERENCE COMMUNICATIONS NZ New Zealand tel: +64 9 353 1919 fax: +64 9 353 1919 e-mail : vis.... read more

12-Jun-2014: Bramshaw QA system promoted to ISO9001:2000

2001 - Bramshaw existing QA system upgraded to AS/NZS 9001:2000. The management and staff team at BRAMSHAW® are thrilled to announce that our QA, or quality assurance system, has been (August 2001) upgraded from AS/NZS ISO 9002:1994 to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000. Our third party auditor, Australian Standard's Quality Assurance Services found, during a routine audit in August 2001, tha.... read more

12-Jun-2014: Bramshaw QA upgraded to ISO9001:2000

Bramshaw Quality assurance upgraded from ISO 9002:1994 to ISO9001:2000. Bramshaw Pty Ltd is thrilled to announce that in the August 2001 verification audit by Quality Assurance Services our QA system was upgraded to ISO 9001. It was proven that "The audit revealed that the quality management system is in place, under control, and supported by all staff." Well done staff at Bramshaw. .... read more

12-Jun-2014: c Freight & Common Carriers - do they care?

'Track and Trace' or 'Trick or Treat'? Ho Ho Ho Many companies rely on sub-contracted transport to move goods around Australia and the World for exhibitions and conferences and sometimes with little notice from customers. We have to be able to rely completely on carriers and pay a princely sum for doing so, plus war/security and fuel surcharges (even when fuel is dropping in price). T.... read more


Fishing port hosts the UN's IOTC to preserve the Indian Ocean's Tuna stocks. Bramshaw ICS hired to provide their INFRACOM language communications equipment and DIGIMIC push to speak desk top microphones for the United Nations Indian Ocean Tuna Commission meeting over ten days in April, 2012. As usual our equipment and staff proved to be highly effective in aiding the communications.... read more

12-Jun-2014: c Super trap! Do you deduct superannuation from your 'Contractor' payments?

Employee / Contractor decision tool. Who does the work? Some major conference industry suppliers have been screwed by the ATO in the last twelve months. Millions of dollars have had to be paid in fines and that money has then got to be claimed back by the supposed contractor. If they don't Julia keeps the dosh. Many companies believe that because they hire someone on a contract b.... read more

12-Jun-2014: c VIRTUAL DIGI - VOTING

Want to try using Digivote? See the different layouts? Result screens? Fonts and more? Want to try using Digivote? See the different layouts? Result screens? Fonts and more? We have developed a new virtual demo that enables you, the voter, to see what a DIGIVOTE® unit looks like, how different question screens look, how the different instant result screens look - bar, table, pie and more .... read more

12-Jun-2014: Creditors Awarded Damages after Director's Breach of Duty

In the first reported decision of its kind, the Supreme Court of Queensland has awarded damages to a creditor against a director. The Court considered an application under the Corporations Act 2001 for an injunction and/or damages by a creditor...... A creditor argued that the directors’ conduct resulted in a breach of directors’ duties under s18.... read more

12-Jun-2014: DIGIMIC CDS-200® DC/10 new model now in our Rental Stock!

Our DIGIMIC DC/10 - a new clean cut model with improved goodies. Description As part of the DIGIMIC CDS-200 product family, the DC10 is a delegate unit with microphone function. Depending on which of the several operating modes selected by the user, the microphone button switches on or off, queues the delegate on screen and more. The on/off status is also indicated by the illuminat.... read more

12-Jun-2014: DIGIMIC used at the CIS CONSILIUM 12 years in a row.

The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) annual CONSILIUM Meeting, attended by 130 Australian & International thinkers, movers & shakers, for 12 years in a row use DIGIMIC Microphone Control software for our DIGIMIC microphones and pan tilt zoom cameras to capture all speakers. 130 microphones on two 20 metre long rectangular shaped tables. The annual CIS public policy.... read more

12-Jun-2014: DIGIVOTE - tips for question writing

Eight tips for writing DIGIVOTE keypad questions :-) 1. Keep it simple. Avoid questions with multiple correct answers (such as "A and B, but not C") and questions that contain double negatives. Limiting the responses to two or three relevant answers will help ensure clean, easy-to-read results. 2. Take off the kid gloves. Questions with legitimate and controversial response choices will.... read more

12-Jun-2014: DIGIVOTE, DIGIMIC, INFRACOM, TourGuide, CONFIDEA - what the hell are they?

See below and exercise your laughing gear while you're at it! DIGIMIC push to speak desktop microphones all wired on one plug and play cable. CONFIDEA *** NEW *** push to speak desktop microphones all wireless. Plug in the battery, push the button, lights flash and you are away! Click here to see more. (/announcements/televic-confidea-wireless-generation-3-release) IN.... read more

12-Jun-2014: INFRACOM-Ear - a 'GREEN' earphone? Brahler to the rescue for PM Rudd and the UN!

Who do you call when your language is HOT and your earphones NOT? Brahler, that's who! 2008 - Australian PM Rudd at the UN with BrahlerGreen-Ear What does a huge international organisation (HINT as seen on The Interpreter starring Nicole Kidman & Sean Penn) do when their language ear-phones use mercury to switch them on and off? Call Brahler and ask for an all ne.... read more


Here's the final word (JUST FOR FUN) on nutrition and health. It's a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting medical studies. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans. The French eat a lot of fat and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans. The Japanese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer hea.... read more

12-Jun-2014: Is carbon a black mark on business events?

MCI’s managing director Ray Shaw believes the Federal Government’s new carbon tax will increase the cost of holding business events in Australia. Ray is seeking feedback for his comments which can be made via email – Alternatively, why not read what he has to say by making a comment of your own in the micespace ( read more

12-Jun-2014: Long term rentals on the go? Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) changed 31 January 2014

The transitional period to register any interests not yet registered is about to end. It is important to act now to register any outstanding pre-PPS Act security interests on the PPSR before the transitional/grace ends on 31 January 2014. Do you sell goods on terms, such as retention of title, or leasing out valuable goods? Under the PPS Act a person who suppl.... read more

12-Jun-2014: Microsoft, Symantec smash cyber criminal advertising network

Microsoft, Symantec smash cyber criminal advertising network From: AFP February 08, 2013 8:18AM SOFTWARE titan Microsoft and computer security giant Symantec sat they have smashed a hacker-infected computer network that was hijacking internet searches. A Bamital "botnet" raked in an estimated million dollars annually by routing internet users to websites that generated revenue with bog.... read more

12-Jun-2014: New DIGIMIC CDS-VAN® (Virtual Audio Network).

Our DIGIMIC CDS-VAN is a system, not just a piece of hardware! Our Brähler® ICS CDS-VAN is part of the state-of-the-art generation of DSP-based controllers and has included in its software (SW) several effect devices which can be used at any time with any inputs or outputs in real -time configurations. That makes us a lot more flexible than our competitors. The DIGIMIC.... read more

12-Jun-2014: Penalty for unsubstantiated work-related deduction claims

The AAT has recently affirmed a decision of the Tax Commissioner to impose a penalty on an individual equal to 50 per cent of the tax shortfall ..... ... amount arising from deduction claims for work-related expenses that were unsubstantiated. The taxpayer made claims as a car salesman for work-related expenses of $30,000 plus for several years. The T.... read more

12-Jun-2014: Sale of Goods, Retention of Title - Protection?

If you sell goods and expect to retain ownership until paid, you could well be unsuccessful unless you satisfy some red tape. Goods are often sold with a Retention of Title clause, which in its simple form means that title does not pass until payment occur. Early notice of the Terms of Trade and properly drawn Conditions of Sale are important. However, even m.... read more

12-Jun-2014: Subbies beware - Plumbers were full-time casuals, not contractors

The AAT has found that individuals working for a plumbing business were employees of the business and that the business was required to pay superannuation contributions. The business argued that the workers were independent contractors and that there was no superannuation requirement. After reviewing the individuals' relationship with the business, the AAT decided the workers were.... read more

12-Jun-2014: TELEVIC CONFERENCE System has lifted the veil on uniCOS

uniCOS is the new Televic Conference System flagship product that sits at the top of Televic Conference System’s offering and represents the next step in (video) conferencing. March 18th, 2013 - Televic today lifted the veil on uniCOS, the mystery product it demonstrated at ISE2013 to its VIP partners. uniCOS is the new flagship system that sits at the top of the Televic Con.... read more

12-Jun-2014: Tips for travellers to Australia

Read what the late Douglas Adams, god rest his soul, had to say about Australia. Celebrating this Straya "Australia" Day, here’s an insight into our nation by Douglas Adams, author of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", putting us all into perspective! Australia is a very confusing place, taking up a large amount of the bottom half of the planet. It is recognisable from orbit beca.... read more

12-Jun-2014: UN Webcast - United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Hot Air to cool our climate! United Nations Climate Change Conference - all sound, PA, Simultaneous Interpretation by UN Webcast - United Nations Climate Change Conference - all sound, PA, Simultaneous Interpretation by Brahler ICS and with the help of Bramshaw ICS DIGIMIC microphones. Brahler ICS Singapore with the help of Bramshaw ICS DIGIMIC microphones. read more

12-Jun-2014: U-Vote mobile phone SMS voting is here!

Bramshaw has added u-Vote SMS voting, texting and more from your mobile phone at conferences Bramshaw customers can now use their mobile phones to interact at conferences via u-Vote. Regardless of conference size and location delegates can vote with a simple press of their mobile buttons. For voting up to 64 options may be selected and for texting, judging from audience responses .... read more

12-Jun-2014: Warning re Telstra

and from Bramshaw's experience, treat OPTUS the same way ... Written by Julius Grafton, Julius Media Group Tuesday, 24 March 2009 Telstra have given customer details to third party 'dealers' who in our case have harassed us and attempted to mislead us into signing a contract. JuliusMedia has just had an experience that should be shared. It is scary because the 'dealer' had all our pe.... read more

12-Jun-2014: Wireless DIGIMIC - beyond Digital ...

DIGIMIC wireless - released at AIME Melbourne 2009 and again at the Integrated Systems Europe Exhibition in Amsterdam at the RAI Centre from February 2 to 4, 2010. DIGIMIC – beyond digital - from DIGIMIC side profile without microphone stem. Bramshaw ICS would like to invite you to the Brähler ICS Konferenztechnik AG stand in hall 3, booth 3D118 at the Integrat.... read more

12-Jun-2014: z NEW OFFICE for BRAMSHAW?

Bramshaw ICS Conference Communications has moved to a new office / Warehouse! We have relocated to the old DOCKLANDS COTTON MILLS in Footscray, Melbourne - a fully renovated nineteenth century factory lovingly restored and re-cycled into new walk-up offices, workshops and apartments in Melbourne's Docklands Area. Please visit if nearby! All details are on our homepage, and also be.... read more

01-Dec-2012: BRAMSHAW signs up with TELEVIC Conference

Distribution agreement with Bramshaw for Australia & New Zealand Izegem (Belgium), June 8th, 2012 - Televic Conference further expands its reach on the global market, signing a distribution agreement with Bramshaw® ICS Conference Communications for Australia and New Zealand. This agreement is an important step for Televic Conference in the development of its partner network i.... read more

04-Oct-2011: DIGIMIC being used at the Australian Taxation Summit

Take a look - streaming to the internet 4 and 5 October 2011 Live from Parliament House, Canberra. read more

01-Jun-2011: David Coltart, The Annual Acton Lecture on Religion & Freedom

2011 - This year's address is delivered by prominent Zimbabwean politician, human rights lawyer, and pro-democracy activist, David Coltart. Senator Coltart is a committed and active Christian, and was a founding member of the Movement for Democratic Change, now in uneasy but determined coalition with long-reigning President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. In 2009, Coltart was appointed Zimba.... read more

01-Feb-2010: b CMic - the new DIGIMIC® Classic series

Brähler ICS introduces CMic at the Integrated Systems Europe, Amsterdam Feb 2010 Again this year Brähler ICS presented the expansion of its DIGIMIC system family by the world’s smallest delegate unit, CMic. It is part of the new DIGIMIC classic series and belongs to the wired version of the conference microphone system DIGIMIC. The new DIGIMIC system was introduced .... read more

05-Aug-2009: 40th Pacific Islands Forum Cairns

Clear, Concise, digitally controlled sound by DIGIMIC® - keeping leaders in touch - again. FORTIETH PACIFIC ISLANDS FORUM CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA 5 - 7 AUGUST 2009 PM Rudd, resplendent in the Forum official R M Williams shirts and elastic sided boots, at the Retreat meeting at Whitfield House Cairns. The Fortieth Pacific Islands Forum was held in Cairns, Australia from 5 to 6 Aug.... read more

17-Feb-2009: Brähler AG celebrates its 50th anniversary with a new innovation

DIGITAL DIGIMC® - back in the lead again. Brähler AG marked our 50th anniversary with our partners who had travelled to Bonn from around the globe. The more than 60 invited guests, including representatives from various trade media, were treated to an eventful anniversary celebration, which at the same time marked the launch of the company’s new Corporate Design. Innov.... read more

01-Dec-2008: z Christmas Opening & Closing dates 2008

Merry Christmas and a Safe & Happy New Year to our friends. To all our friends who gave us such a good 2008, please have a wonderful and happy Christmas and New Year. Bramshaw ICS Conference Communications will be closed from Monday 22 December 2008 until Normal Opening Time Monday 5 January 2009 but with phones, emails and pagers monitored around the .... read more

01-Jun-2007: G-20 Melbourne and APEC 2007

All systems go for the G20 week and again for APEC 2007. Bramshaw ICS' new digital simultaneous interpretation, digital microphone management and remote camera systems were in big demand over the G-20 week in Melbourne. G20 Conference opening by Australian Treasurer, Peter Costello MP Not only were we contracted to supply the G20 Finance Ministers & Centr.... read more

01-Jun-2002: ALP debates with DIGIMIC to plan policy - in 2002, 2003, 2006 and now again in 2008.

Staging Connections - proud to use DIGIMIC® DC10 again - 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008... Many events require a high level of specialised technical support and it's important that the technology supports the event without compromising it in any way. The Australian Labor Party (WA Branch) 2002 State Conference was such an event. High level technology with low profile presence was in plac.... read more

01-Mar-2002: CHOGM Coolum, Australia, 1 to 5 March 2002

PM Howard says "well done Bramshaw"as our team provides DIGIMIC push button microphones and TourGuide receivers for CHOGM 2002. CHOGM in session. All three meetings at CHOGM used our DIGIMIC® push button microphone system with computer controls and our TourGuide radio tansmit / receiver sets. The meetings were located in two huge air conditioned marquees in the trop.... read more

11-Nov-2001: 30th IMF WORLD CONGRESS Sydney Australia

Held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre - Sydney Australia The Unions needed to be sure so they chose Bramshaw! The sessions of the 30th IMF World Congress have concluded! The International Metalworkers' Federation (IMF) chose Bramshaw ICS Conference Communic-ations to provide our DIGIMIC microphones for the on stage panel, chair and speeches and numerous brea.... read more

01-May-2001: SYDNEY on SALE May 2001 - thanks

Thanks to our visitors at Sydney on Sale ... Booth F26 Bramshaw ICS Conference Communications was there at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney. To our friends and potential clients who visited - many thanks. We hope that your visit was both informative and instructive. See you at AIME in Melbourne next year and at Sydney on Sale! Best re.... read more


Global Greens 2001 and RIO+10 international workshop, Canberra, Australia, 12 to 16 APRIL 2001. The Australian Greens has played host to to the Global Greens 2001 Conference and Rio+10 international workshop, Canberra, Australia, from 12 to 16 APRIL 2001. The conference was located at the National Convention Centre is in the centre of Canberra overlooking leafy Glebe Park. .... read more

20-Feb-2001: AIME 2001 MELBOURNE

AIME 2001 Melbourne - Bramshaw exhibits again Melbourne 20 + 21 February 2001. Bramshaw ICS Conference Communications will be at AIME 2001 again. Please come and see us at stand # 403 + 404 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre or as it is known in Melbourne, "Jeff's Shed". We will be located just inside the entrance door. This year we will also be showing our new Tour Guide.... read more


9 Jan 2001 Helmut Brahler, boss and founder of Brahler ICS Konferenztechnik AG has died aged 67 Koenigswinter, Bonn, Germany. 9 Jan 2001 After a lifelong dedication to conferencing technology Helmut Brahler is dead. The boss and founder of Brahler ICS Konferenztechnik AG from Koenigswinter died on Monday 8 January 2001 at the age of 67 after a long and serious illness. In 1958 in B.... read more


WEF Melbourne - Bramshaw Boys Bulldoze their way to work! The World Economic Forum was held at Crown Casino, Melbourne, for three turbulent days in September 2000. Over 500 International delegates and VIP's were welcomed and as many speak other languages. Bramshaw was chosen to provide our infra-red electronic simultaneous interpretation communications so all delegates could lis.... read more